The sensual massage kit for men and women is the perfect gift for couples who just want to have fun and still experience the benefits of massage therapy. This video set will teach you how to transform your current technique into a guaranteed pleasurable experience each and every time.

The largest sense organ on the human body is the skin. Learn how to touch someone like they've never been touched before. Learn how to take advantage of commonly overlooked areas to provide the maximum pleasure. Turn your lover's body into one large erogenous zone through the techniques we teach you.

Watch and learn from our nearly three hours of massage information in the comfort of your own home. Our couple rubs each other while a narrator gives you direct step-by-step instruction of just what to do. Just sit back, relax, and follow the simple procedures. You can't go wrong.

Have you lost that spark in your relationship?

Do you need a new way to re-connect?

Are you looking for a romantic escape?

Do you want to set the mood for a fantastic first time?

Do you want a deeper connection in your relationship?

Are you looking for the perfect gift to spice things up?

Discrete packaging available.

Sensual Massage Kit:
Fun & Games for Couples


DVD v2.0



This two-video set shows just how to set the right atmosphere and conduct the perfect massage for intimate pleasure. Learn the tips and tricks on how to touch someone in a way that makes them feel special and feel relaxed making way for the ultimate sensual experience. massage video pages:

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